DUI Level II Classes Can Save Your License

If you are arrested for DUI in Colorado, you may want to consider the opportunity to take a Level II alcohol education class. This class is designed to help you understand the dangers of drinking and driving, and to learn about the consequences of a DUI conviction.

What does a Level II class teach?

The Level II class is a great opportunity to learn more about the dangers of drinking and driving and to get support and advice from certified DUI educators. The class is taught by certified DUI educators, and it covers a range of topics, including:

  • The dangers of drinking and driving
  • How alcohol affects your ability to drive
  • The consequences of a DUI conviction
  • How to make safe decisions about drinking and driving
  • The effects of drugs and alcohol on your body
  • The signs of impaired driving
  • How to handle difficult situations when you are out drinking
  • The impact of alcohol on your personal relationships
  • The importance of responsible drinking

The education portion of the Level II class is 24 hours long. It is usually offered in weekly 2-hour sessions. Though Colorado law has required classes be taught in-person, some classes are still being taught online after COVID-19. Classes are available to anyone who is arrested for DUI, regardless of whether they decide to plead guilty or fight the charges in court.

What track should you choose?

There are four “Tracks” for the therapy portion of Level II. Your attorney can help you determine which track you should complete. Factors that can determine which level include: if you have a prior alcohol or drug-related charge in your past, your level of intoxication if you have a measured BAC, and the seriousness of your charges. This PDF from the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles has additional information on the different tracks. The difference in the tracks is the number of sessions you have to complete.

If you are arrested for DUI in Colorado, it is definitely worth considering enrolling Level II classes while your case is still pending. The class is also a requirement for some people who want to have their driver’s license reinstated after a DUI conviction or a revocation from the DMV.