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Can the victim drop charges in a domestic violence case?

Navigating the maze of law and criminal procedure can be complex, especially when it comes to delicate situations like domestic violence. Understanding your rights and the powers that others have in your case can make all the difference in finding the best path forward. We at Path Forward Legal are dedicated to helping you gain...
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Judge using gavel on bench.

What happens when the domestic violence victim changes their story?

At Path Forward Legal, we often encounter complex legal scenarios that clients are navigating, particularly in domestic violence cases. One issue that comes up when preparing for trial is what happens when a witness or victim has changed their story. In domestic violence cases, it’s not uncommon for a complaining witness to reconsider the information...
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Decorated graves of US military service members at a cemetery.

Honoring All Our Veterans: A Memorial Day Reflection on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

As Memorial Day draws near, we at Path Forward Legal feel called to steer the conversation towards an issue that often remains hidden, yet profoundly affects the brave men and women who have served our country – mental health and suicide among veterans. Unveiling the Reality: Veterans, Mental Health, and Suicide The Veterans Administration Office...
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