Appealing Restitution Gets Harder

New Case Alert: Martinez v. People, 2024 CO 6

The Colorado Supreme Court just clarified an important question about restitution orders in criminal cases: how much oversight is the trial court decision going to get on appeal? A trial court must order a defendant convicted of a felony to pay restitution for any pecuniary loss he proximately caused his victim. §18-1.3-602(3)(a), C.R.S. (2023). In...
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Judge using gavel on bench.

Embrace a New Beginning: Essential Probation Terms and Conditions Explained

Probation is a term that many of us have heard but might not fully understand. Instead of serving time in jail or prison, a person convicted of a crime can stay in the community through a legal arrangement called probation. Sounds simple enough, right? But there’s more to probation requirements than just avoiding a cell....
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