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Welcome to the Path Forward Legal Insights blog, where we provide valuable insights and information on criminal defense law in Colorado. Our blog is dedicated to helping individuals facing criminal charges or dealing with addiction or mental health issues navigate the legal system with confidence. Our experienced attorneys share their knowledge and perspectives on a variety of legal topics, including defense strategies, sentencing options, and the latest developments in criminal law.

Three people looking at a computer screen expressing shock and concern.
Are you navigating a criminal charge in Colorado? Be cautious about your social media presence. What you post or comment, images you share, and videos...
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Bail Bond office building
Introduction Navigating the criminal justice system can be scary and confusing, especially if you’re facing charges and are currently out on bond. There’s a lot...
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Learn about the benefits of taking a Level II alcohol education class if you're arrested for DUI or DWAI in Colorado. You could get your...
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The rights that you give up when pleading guilty in Colorado are usually written out in a plea form called a Rule 11. The paperwork...
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Both sides can call witnesses at hearings or trials. But witnesses aren’t allowed to say whatever they want, and some questions are not permitted by...
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